About Us

s.a.l.t is a dream a few years in the making, with friends and family members being the only lucky ones receiving these lovely treasures over those years. Fortunately we could only keep these to ourselves for so long and finally have the opportunity to share it with the world. With an unmatched love of Nature and passionate about hand-blended formulations, we believe in a holistic approach to wellbeing and the body. As Mother Nature is second to none in her offerings to create health and balance in our daily lives, we use only natural ingredients in our cosmetics.

We believe in honesty and transparency, which is why all of our cosmetics have been approved by a chartered chemist, according to EU Regulations and Guidelines for Cosmetics to ensure that they are safe to use

Although we are starting small, the products on our website have been tried and tested by many a tribe member, leaving happy faces as proof of their goodness. We will add to this range as we grow, knowing that we will create many more happy faces as we go along. We look forward to sharing these with you!